Divi Tips Series: An Introduction

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So we’ve decided to make a series of Divi Tips because of the huge success and popularity of the Divi Theme from the code wizards over at Elegant Themes.

Since Divi was launched then updated it has received critical acclaim and we can understand why! It’s such a great theme that we’ve based our own website on it and suggest it to many of our clients as it’s so easy to maintain and update. In this blog post we’re going to outline the history of the theme, the reason it’s so good and layout the blueprints for the rest of the Divi Tips Series.

The history of the Divi Theme is as follows:

Divi was announced approximately 6 months before it’s release then finally hit our screens on the 11th of December.

-Divi caused the development team at Elegant considerable resources which resulted in the halting of all other theme projects. This was in line with their new strategy to focus on the development of one great theme which was to become Divi.

-A sneak peak at Divi 2.0 appeared on the Elegant blog on 5 March 2014

-Lead graphic designer Kenny Sing stated: “We Are On A Mission To Build The Best Theme Ever” and:  “We believe that Divi will be the best theme you can buy, period”. We believe that they’ve managed this and then some.

-Divi 2.0 is released on 21 May 2014.

Indeed it deserves all of the kudos and praise that has come it’s way for a myriad of reasons, some of which we’ve listed below:

-Intuitive back end builder which allows users with no knowledge of code to still build great websites

-Versatile framework with editable CSS for every module (from within the builder)

-Excellent framework for creating fully responsive websites

-Large array of modules for easy use

-Large array of page templates

(There are loads more but we suggest trying the theme so you can find these out for yourselves!)

Here’s a glimpse at the back end drag and drop builder:


The Divi Tips Series:

We’ve decided to create this series because we’re constantly learning how to push this theme further and further and we’d like to pass on this information as and when we get it. The first couple of posts will be aspects of the theme that we learnt when initially using it such as the importance of the Child theme and changing various things like the size of the header logo. As the series progresses we will then take you into more complicated aspects such as creating new CSS entries to allow for further manipulation of the look and style of the theme.

This is a great chance for us to document our learning and for you to learn along with us!

If you’re interested in this theme and want to learn alongside us, subscribe to our blog and you’ll be notified via email as and when we release a new Divi Tip.


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