Divi Tips #1: Child Themes

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Let’s Start Off Right…

I understand the enthusiasm that flows in abundance when creating new pages and editing your Divi website but before you go any further you need to make sure that you’re using a Child Theme. There are certain misconceptions about child themes and about their usefulness which is why I want to clarify what it is and why it is indeed useful.

Why Use a Child Theme?

Creating a child theme is a way of safeguarding those hours and hours of love and care you’ve put into your website. In essence, a child theme sits on top of your theme and allows you to edit your website without meddling with the original code from the Divi theme. The child theme will allow you to create a completely separate version of the file that needs modifying then alter it to your hearts content. If something does go wrong, you can just delete the file and the theme will rely on the original file.


How Do I Create a Child Theme?

There are multiple ways to create Child Themes. In this Elegant Blog Post, they will talk you through manually setting up a child theme as well as demonstrating how to edit some of the files that you are most likely going to encounter when jazzing up your site.

If the manual route isn’t straight to the point enough, there lies another option in a Divi Children plugin. You can use this plugin as well as a host of other one-click child theme creators that are available from your plugin search.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up we can get going and get our hands dirty!

The next post is going to be all about the main menu and will stock you with enough css to bend it to the extent of your functional and aesthetic will.

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