The Influence of Social Media on Businesses

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It’s undeniable that social media has had a large effect on business processes in the last couple of years and rightfully so.

Larger and larger proportions of marketing budgets are being allocated to social media in order to further brand exposure, directly link to a particular target demographic and to increase legitimate and fruitful leads.

With the sheer amount of global use of social media it would be an arena that marketers would be silly not to exploit. The trouble can be that the more money is ploughed into social media marketing, the less exposure you’re usual Joe Bloggs will get for their organic social media efforts – unless used especially effectively.

Some of the stats in the infographic below may be a surprise to you but, believe it or not, we’re moving very quickly into a highly developed and socially interconnected digital realm.

How will your business fare in these new virgin territories?




Thanks to our friends from Etiya for this great infographic!

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