Why Good SEO Beats PPC & SMM for Lead Generation

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As a company that offers all of the mentioned services (SEO, PPC & SMM) we are often asked the question-

“Which of the three provides the highest amount of leads and ROI?”

We do believe that all of these individual aspects can provide a good return on investment if conducted efficiently and with a coherent strategy in mind. That being said, with all of the current data available to us, it is definitely a truth that SEO has a great advantage over the other two in the sense that if a user finds your company they initially begin that engagement on their own terms. Additionally budgets for SEO tend to be lower than the monthly fees taken by many PPC agencies.

There is no simple answer and we do feel that a well rounded digital marketing plan which encompasses all three of these aspects would be the best angle to take when promoting your business. Our friends over at Indusnet have created this great infographic which we think makes a very fair point via useful figures and stats for your cerebral consumption.




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