The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Social

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Whether you like it or not, social media is now firmly integrated into our society and as such is now a massive part of business and customer service.

If you are lacking in social media presence it just gives a socially engaged customer a reason to forgo your company for your competitor. Whether they were looking to see what reviews were available on your services or to send you a quick tweet about a service they were unsure about – it is an essential aspect of a well-rounded marketing plan to have a social media presence.

In this post we’re going to outline the 5 most prominent reasons why you need to have a social media presence.

1) Using social media can drive website traffic and increase brand awareness

Creating new content and engaging with people via social media can drive people to your website. By properly utilising blogs and social media, it not only demonstrates to potential customers that you are keen to engage with the public but it also shows that you have your finger on the pulse of the industry. We’d highly recommend that you keen your blog business and industry specific though – writing about the most recent video you’ve seen of cute cats might not add to credibility!

2) Gets you higher rankings on search engines – SEO

The fact that you have a website is one thing but if you truly want the search engines to view your site as valuable you really do need to link your site and your social streams to quality content and to itself. This web of links amongst your various accounts will help to let search engine ‘bots’ know that you are indeed trustworthy and that you engage people in an above board manner.

Second to this is the fact that if you have a blog, you are constantly creating content which can be tailored to be ‘keyword rich’ so that a user may be taken to your blog post. Once they’re at your blog post – they’re just one click away from seeing all of the products and services that you offer!

3) More manageable and instant customer service

Customers have more of an expectation of a social media presence from their service providers than ever before. Facebook and Twitter are the mainstay and allow users to quickly and easily ask questions, leave comments or complain about your services. Some companies are hesitant about allowing users to be able to post freely on their wall or account out of fear from negative sentiments. Rather than fearing these complaints, allow them to be a public demonstration of how well you handle these situations.

4) Reputation Management

By having the ability to look into what people are saying about your brand online it gives great insights into what people really think about your brand. Using these comments and insights to further the development of your business and ensure that similar problematic situations don’t happen again can’t be a bad thing!

5) It’s a great chance to be remembered

With all the additional time that people are spending online and on social media, if you can create engaging and relevant content then you’re more likely to be remembered. All of this time on social media is additional time for brands to create an engagement that they may never have had with a potential client. Content is still key – interesting content will be shared and, depending on the extent of how viral it goes, that one post could reach millions!


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