A Cheat Sheet to Copywriting for Digital…. shhhhh!

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In previous years the viability and relevance of a full-time copywriter within an organisation may have been questioned. As we create and release more and more strategic and targeted content, this no longer seems to be the case.

In hard economic times copywriters may have found themselves first in line to the proverbial employment chopping block but this year is set to be the year in which the importance of a copywriter is far from underestimated. Businesses are realising that the tides are shifting towards a content and information based marketing strategy and towards the core of these strategies are copywriters.

Copywriting is now a burgeoning industry and businesses have realised the inherent benefits that a good writer can bring to a company and thusly making space within their organisations for wordsmiths. Due to the increasing demand for someone who can be directly responsible for content creation, it has been predicted that three Fortune 500 companies plan to hire Chief Content Officers to do just this. Some larger companies such as Kraft foods have already created and are growing their content department and this may be a trend that we see in other large scale organisations.

Although it has made sense in the initial dawning of social media and content marketing for organisations to outsource these facets to smaller more capable entities, it seems that bringing these aspects in-house one again may be the future. Although the specialisms of smaller agencies are valued, there is still only so much that they can embrace the ethos of a corporate entity without being a part of it.

The future of copywriting is indeed going to be an interesting one but, in the meantime, here’s an infographic courtesy of Vertical Response to help you in your day to day content creation….



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