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2Tone Digital was born out of a number of freelancers wanting to cross a professional bridge and provide a truly all-encompassing digital service to suit all budgets.

Who we are?

2Tone Digital is made up of a number of full-time staff as well as a plethora of highly specialised freelancers. The core team at 2Tone Digital all worked in the industry both full-time and freelance and was joined together by a mutual need to provide quality products that can be tailored to suit many a budget. We believe in quality products and top-notch support services as well. An illustration of this commitment is our ‘open door’ policy that we offer with all of our startup packages. This policy allows any of our startup clients to meet us at our offices or phone in if they have any questions about the digital environment regardless of whether they are linked to our products.

Why are we blogging?

We’re not naive enough to think that we know everything about digital and, as we are learning everyday, it’s nice to summarise our new found knowledge into digestible blogs. We hope that this helps people who are encountering similar situations and, if not, the information sinks further into our cranial databases for future use!

What will be be blogging about?

As we offer a variety of services it’s only right that we blog about all of these different aspects of digital media. It could be a breakdown of different applications and plugins for your website, the pro’s and con’s of them and our recommendation or a summary of industry news. We will also be blogging about social media tips, tactics and strategies as well as general startup advice for the budding entrepreneur.

How can you leave feedback?

We value the opinions of the public and, as such, have left all of our comments open so that you can tell us whether you think we’re spot on or whether your opinion differs drastically. We love to engage in debates about various emerging technologies as our opinion is as valuable as that of anyone else.   With all of that in mind – let’s get this blog started!


-The 2Tone Digital Team
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